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Makeup by Olga

Olga Nampima is a trained make-up artist and a self confessed make up addict. She has been in the industry for a number of years and now practises as a freelance makeup artist in the United Kingdom with a dream to set up a makeup academy in Uganda where her love of make up started. Olga has a passion of sharing her acquired knowledge with the world through a series of master class workshops. In Olga’s upcoming workshop in Uganda Kampala Serena Hotel she intends to pass on the latest celebrity trends and beauty secrets and products through her three day makeup tutorials. Olga believes that every woman should have some basic make up knowledge on how to use the makeup products that most women stock up and have no time to use.


4 Reasons Why You Should Go To This Makeup Master Class

Trends in the beauty industry are changing faster than I change my underwear. If you blink for too long, you will be left behind with the last week’s trend. Even if you are a makeup artist or a practiced makeup lover “self taught from YouTube”‬ there is always something new to learn about beauty and makeup. To keep myself on trend, I always attend around 3 hours of Master class makeup to stay abreast with the latest at the Makeup London Academy.

I am going to outline to you the 4 reasons why attending my upcoming workshop/master class should be in your to do list.


Learn new skills or polish up on those forgotten tricks

Spend some money on your tools. You need to remember you are as good as the tools you are working with. I imagine you would like to become a professional. So get your self kitted out with the tools that enhance your work.

“Tools and products are equally as important as the makeup skills that you have,”


Here are the must have tools of the trade.

1) Foundation brush
2) Concealer brush
3) Fluffy powder brush
4) Blush brush
5) Small blending brush
6) Flat eye shadow brush
7) Precision angle brush
8) Lip brush


Learn how to work with the different face shapes.

I will give you tips and tricks professional Makeup artist use and bring to the table when they want to add definition, light and dimensions to facial contours. You don’t need to be upset about your round face and big nose. I will show you the how to hide your flaws by using Shading/contouring in order to alter your face shape and features.


Learn about makeup trends

Like I have mentioned to you before, just like fashion, there are trends in the beauty and cosmetics industry too. Attending a makeup workshop/master class, you are able to uncover the latest trends, so you can ensure the looks you create are always on trend. Apart from that you will be able to learn how to spot upcoming trends and where to look for inspiration for your makeup looks in the classes.


Participate in an active community

Everyone needs people who share the same interest as theirs. In this makeup Master Class, you can find loads of other makeup lovers, with who you are able to share your thoughts and ideas and have inspirational discussion about beauty. Most importantly, you get to start networking in the industry, which is helpful especially for those who want to start their career in beauty and makeup. I WILL OPEN UP A CLOSED GROUP ON FACEBOOK FOR JUST MEMBERS WHO WILL ATTEND MY MASTER CLASS. This will also provide you with after care when you need advice and also share ideas, new product on the market and how easily you will get them when your part of my closed group.


Take the first step to the career of your makeup dreams

For those who have passion to turn their hobby into a career, for those that own small salons, even those that are looking at becoming stylists…. taking a makeup class can help you up your game!. This would definitely be a first step as Learning from the best gets you to be the best. As a makeup Artist, I did enjoy the class at Makeup London Academy in Camden. No matter if you are a makeup lover beginner or a pro makeup artist, master classes can and will surprise you


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